Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh boy...

Oh my lusties! How I've missed you! It's funny how life can kinda overwhelm you a bit and you lose track of time. I have been SO insanely busy with Liam and preparing for R&R that I've abandoned you all.


Sweet. I PROMISE I'll be back up in a couple weeks once things start settling down a little bit. Until then, check out a few of my favorite things and discuss amongst yourselves.

Green drop earrings seen on Eva, Hillary, and Reese. I especially LURVE Eva's. Jeesh, she's hot.

Green jeans on Anna, LeAnn, and Ashley. I really love the color of LeAnn's, but I'm not a fan of homewrecking, so I'm gonna pretend someone else is wearing those. ;)

Mixing prints on Amber, Kelly, and Selita. I LOVE Kelly's look-and it's all stuff from Macy's (well it's Madonna's daugter, Lourdes' line) Material Girl line! Super affordable!

Go check out People's Style Watch website for more fun looks!

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