Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hi there!

It sure has been awhile! Things have been a little nutso in our household, and we just returned from a much needed vay-cay down in Charleston, SC. It was b-e-a-utiful and I cannot wait to go back! :) 

I've also been a little crazy with my new job. Between that, and our little nugget being sick (one trip to the ER and one to Urgent Care), I haven't had much time to keep up with my blog-a-roni. But I'm hoping to stick to my schedule and at least post a couple times a week. If not, I know ya'll will understand. Right?

While we were in downtown Charleston, I forced my family to let me check out the MASSIVE Forever 21 there. I only had about an hour to spare (they all knew better than to come with me, so they went and explored while I shopped-so typical), so I didn't have a ton of time to just browse, but I absolutely did have enough time to fall in love with a new collection-a designer by the name of Rory Beca. Her creations are super feminine and very "laid-back chic". I love her mix of rompers, soft shorts, and maxi dresses. And the patterns are to die for. Check out some of her more expensive styles, which can be found here, at Revolve Clothing


Unfortunately for me (and I'm sure the majority of you), her stuff is a little on the pricey side. That romper could be bought with one of my paychecks, but I've got a car payment and daycare to pay for. Lucky for us though, she has some just-as-adorable designs exclusively for Forever 21-and they're all suuuuuper affordable!

I bought this Embroidered Surplice Top and LOVE it. It has a really pretty T-back and the neckline is low enough to be sexy, but not too much that it's trashy. The color is so pretty too!

They didn't have this Surplice Romper in the store when I was there, but I think I def need to order it online. The print is GORGEOUS and just screams "SPRING!", doesn't it? Reminds me of a watercolor painting.

I love the length of this Floating Feather Maxi dress, and the delicate feathers are just great for the warm weather. I love how it's asymmetrical too, it adds a little something extra to the shape.

I also bought another asymmetrical cobalt blue chiffon dress, but it's not online anymore. Looks like a lot of her styles have sold out quickly, so I'd HIGHLY recommend getting to your nearest store or ordering online before everything is gone!

Do you have a favorite designer that has designed a collection for a major retailer? Jason Wu? Moschino?


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