Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How would YOU wear it?

The thing I love most about fashion is the endless opportunities for creativity that it provides. One piece can be worn in a thousand different ways, and can change depending on your mood. One piece can look one way on one person, and completely different on another. I love that. 

As I was browsing on F21 today (yet again), I had an idea for a post, and wanted to share. I'm hoping to get some more feedback going on my blog, and want to encourage you, my lusties, to bring out your inner fashionista. Be fearless, remember that fashion is all about expressing YOU and what YOU love. What I'll do is post a couple pieces I'm digging, and then you can tell (or show me if you have something similar) me how you'd wear it!

I love this with some skinny black capri pants (ankle length), emerald green heels, and some fab gold jewelry.

I am so in love with this dress. The hot pink under the neon yellow is so beyond perfect and is such a fresh and modern color combo. I love the look of the platform heels here. I'd definitely keep the accessories simple, and keep the shoe fairly neutral.

There are so many ways you could wear this shirt. Over a maxi dress, paired with denim shorts, tied at the waist with a skirt-so. many. ways. I have a pair of high-waisted khaki shorts that would look fab with this and some lightweight loafers. Adorbs.

Hippie Love Pant - Tomato

There's not much I'd do with these. Keep it super simple and add a colored t-shirt (I'd do white, it's a nice contrast with the orange-y red), a fun necklace, and call it a day.

So there are my ideas, how about you? What would you pair with all these pieces? 

Get those creative juices flowin'!

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