Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One of my biggest pet peeves

With Summertime around the corner, that means it's time for tube tops, halters, and other sleeveless styles. I'm all for dressing to the weather, but the one thing I CANNOT stand is visible bra straps. Oh my gosh, it drives me absolutely bonkers. The ultimate pisser-offer? Brightly colored bra straps underneath a tube top. Seriously, if it were meant to have straps, they would have made it that way. It is called a tube top for a reason. I understand that some women are bustier than others, but they DO make strapless bras for larger chested women. I found this website, Linda the Bra Lady, and they go from a 32AA to a 46H (and everything in between). How awesome is that? They're not even that pricey either, the priciest one (in a 46H) is $67. Which is WELL worth it for a good bra. For us ladies whose boobies are on the smaller side, I LOVE my convertible bras from Fredericks. It's kinda like this one: . Gives the twins a little push up while still supporting them. LOVE.

If you don't want to go the strapless route, you can always buy clear bra straps and hook them on to your convertible bra. That will look so much better than your dirty white bra straps sticking out (seriously people, SO tacky). They also have converters that can pull your straps together in the back. That way, you can wear racerback tanks w/o your exposing the straps. I always use those twistie ties that come with bread to keep my straps back (and they give the girls a nice little push up).

There are so many options nowadays that there is no reason you should be putting your straps on display for all the world to see. It's called UNDERwear for a reason, can we try and keep it that way?

Feel free to post your own ideas, I'm not as experienced in the big boobies area so I'll admit I'm a little clueless. That's it for now. :)


  1. There is also Essential Bodywear. They have up to cup size G. Their most expensive bra is $66. I personally tried these on at the Nasvhille, Southern Women's Show and WOW! I was also wearing the wrong size of bra. Victoria's Secret measured me as a 42C. A 42 is so big, it had about a 4 inch gap between me and the fabric. Essential Bodywear measured me as a 36E or 38D and boy did those fit so much better! Also, the lift I got from their bras was much better than any other bra I've EVER tried before! It looked like I had a breast lift, but did not look fake or tacky!

  2. Yay for good bras! Ever since I got pregnant, I've been wearing VS bras which are a lot pricier than my Target ones, but well worth it. I never knew how much difference a quality made bra made until I started spending a little more on them!

  3. Just a thought from one of the "bustier" ladies. Strapless bras - no matter how expensive or well fitted - just do not work for those of us larger than a DD. While I totally agree with bra straps showing being a huge fashion no-no, do try to have some sympathy for those of us on the other side of a fence. I can't go more than a few hours without a bra on without being in actual pain. To not have them supported properly causes lasting chest and back pain. A strapless bra holds them "in" but does nothing in the support department once you reach the big-uns. ;) Just a tip for future posts in regard to large brested readers.

  4. I totally understand, and wasn't trying to offend. Honestly, the majority of the time, the offenders are smaller chested girls. Like I said, I know nothing about being larger chested, and can only speak from experience from being smaller. I appreciate your input!

  5. I must agree with Allison, Carr. I'm not even that big chested at all, but a strapless just does not do justice for my amazing rack. haha They really offer no support. I'm constantly pulling them up. It's annoying!!

  6. Your amazing rack? Hahaha. Ash, you know what I was getting at here because I'm SURE we've had the conversation before. It's the girls who walk around wearing tube tops with their dirty white bra straps hanging out. I probably should have specified that a little more. And I was just trying to help, and give more resources to the bustier gals if they wanted another place to look for strapless bras. :)


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