Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring/Summer 2010 Color Trends

I love Spring. Mostly because I'm from MN and Springtime usually means that the snow is melting and you can finally quit wearing a jacket just to go get your mail. I love how refreshed everything feels and when the leaves finally start blooming on the trees again, you lose that dreariness you felt all Winter. One of my favorite parts of Spring? The way my parent's crab apple tree looked and smelled. They have one right outside the front door and the color of it when it blooms is absolutely gorgeous. They have lilac bushes too, and oh my goodness, the smell is overwhelming when you walk outside. Everything seems so lively, and I love that more than anything.

I love all the colors for Spring/Summer because so many of them can be found in nature. You can't really say that for Winter-unless you like white and brown (those are pretty much the only colors you see where I'm from)! I think this is why I love floral prints so much. There's so much color and vibrancy in those patterns, that it just makes me happy. :) Here are the top 10 Spring/Summer color trends from (

1. Violet
2. Aurora
3. Turquoise
4. Fusion Coral (LOVE coral!!)
5. Tomato Puree
6. Tuscany
7. Amparo Blue (also love this shade)
8. Pink Champagne (makes me thirsty!)
9. Dried Herb
10. Eucalyptus

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