Saturday, February 26, 2011


Ahh, award show season. I live and die for the Oscars, but sometimes I think I'm the only person who watches the show only for the fashion. I will admit that this year I'm also watching because I love James Franco is some MAJOR eye candy, but that's a whole 'nother post. I kept getting excited today because I thought it was Sunday and was getting ready to watch E's Live From the Red Carpet, and then realized it was Saturday. I blame the 3 hours of sleep Liam so kindly allowed me to get last night (well, and the fact that I was out until 2). So I was looking through Glamour's website and they listed their top fifteen favorite Oscar gowns, and it made me feel all nostalgic. I wish I had someplace to wear dresses like that, but until I convince my husband to take me to a military ball, I'll have to settle for drooling over these works of art on the television. Oh well, tis the life! So what do you lusties (is that too dirty? I need a nickname for my readers) like? What dresses are memorable to you? Here's a few of mine:

She just oozes class doesn't she?! Ugh, and the hair...just...gorg. I love it. ALL of it.

I know that someone else had previously worn this gown, but I feel that Miss Witherspoon can do no wrong. I think this was the year she won for Walk the Line which is one of my all time favorite movies, and I just LOVE vintage, especially when it's Dior.

I'm not sure what it is about this gown, but when I look at it, I have to catch my breath. This is definitely a work of art and even though I can't really stand Miley, I've gotta give the girl props-she knows how to dress.

I guess a lot of people hated this dress, but I LUUUURVE it. I don't know how she pulls off that yellow with her pale skin, but homegirl is workin' it. Hot damn, I love it.

What are you hoping to see this year? I'm excited for some Marchesa gowns. I always seem to love what they create, and when it's put on the right person, magic happens. Check out Marchesa's Resort 2011 Collection. I would DIE if someone showed up in that last dress. Geesh, that's beautiful. The ice blue gown (C15802) from their Fall 2010 collection is TO. DIE. FOR. as well. I love the assymetrical neckline with the massive flower detail. SWOOOON. The last dress in their Spring 2010 collection would be a best dressed nominee for me if I ever saw it on the red carpet. Ahhh...just BEAUTIFUL!

Dior looks like they're going back to the 50's with their collection. There's this cream colored ballgown with black beaded detail that is so purty. I wonder if we'll see that tomorrow.

Alright, that's all for tonight. I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with my critiques!

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