Friday, February 11, 2011

Sweatshirts you say?

It's been almost 3 years since I've stepped foot on a college campus, so I think it's time for me to retire my MNSU sweatshirt and quit wearing it in public. Thing is, it's comfortable, and above all else-it's easy. It goes well with my jeans and Emu's, and it's something that I don't have to think about if I just want to run some errands. Plus, it keeps me warm so I can avoid wearing 17 layers in this tundra I call home. I'll admit though, it's fugly. It's probably too small too, and it doesn't make me look that pulled together. I may be a mom, but that doesn't automatically make me a slob (or at least it shouldn't). Lucky for us lazy ladies, there is a new kind of sweatshirt out there, one that actually looks decent and is appropriate for wearing in public. Just please, wear it with REAL pants-pairing this with yoga or sweat pants will cause you to look like Miss Frump herself.

1. American Eagle Zip-Up Hoodie: $50
2. Signature Pullover Hoodie: $40
3. Element Georgia Women's Sweatshirt: $29
4. Delia's Lace Back Sweatshirt: $40
5. Billabong Sailor Women's Sweatshirt: $38
6. 2fer Ruched Sleeve Sweatshirt: $20
7. AstroBlue Hooded Sweatshirt: $44


  1. Love the sweaters! I am so going to get one! I also adore the new site!

  2. Your new layout is cute! I'm digging the rouched sleeved sweatshirt.

  3. Thanks guys! It's still a work in progress, but now that I've figured out all the tricks, I'm having tons of fun playing around with it! I'm sure it'll keep evolving! :)


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