Tuesday, November 15, 2011


"Fashions fade, but style is eternal"
                                                        -Yves Saint Laurent

When I hear this quote, there is ONE style icon that comes to mind here and I'm sure my fellow fashionistas would agree with me...

You can't even tell that this pic was taken in the 50/60's! She is the epitome of classic. You can never go wrong with ballet flats, a bike, and a little dog!

So today, I want to talk about the classic pieces that every woman should have in her "big girl closet". These are items that should be splurged on (or inherited from mom/grandma), but I'm still going to keep each piece under $50. It's still possible to look classy without spending a fortune, but keep in mind that these are things that will be in your wardrobe FOR. EV. ER. so it's alright to spend a bit more on them! Think of how many times you'll use them mixed and matched into your trendier pieces!

Let's start with a piece that I'm pretty sure ya'll already have, but just in case you don't, we'll cover it. The white button-up (or button-down, whichever way you choose to dress yourself). Express makes AMAZING business casual clothing (as well as trendier pieces), and while they tend to cost a little more, the quality is worth it. Get one in white, and if you can afford it, get one in black too-I was searching for a plain black button up at our mall here and couldn't find one ANYWHERE. I had found the cayutest gold skirt that would have looked so adorable with a plain black button up. Boo.

Next up is the trench coat. Preferably in camel (that's my fave), but black or brown will work just as well. There's something about the contrast of the camel and the black buttons that makes me swoon. You can be wearing a hole-y t-shirt underneath it and no one would know you're a hot mess. Or, you could go the naughty route and wear it with nothing but your heels. Your choice.

Some of my all time favorite pieces in my closet are my cardigans; they're so simple, yet can really pull together a look. As a matter of fact, I'm wearing one today (probably my favorite one). Paired with a longer tank, skinnies, and boots, I actually look human. It's quick and easy-and you can get them for a freakin' steal at Old Navy! Target has some really soft ones too-I looooove the ones from Targe Boutique! ;)

Obviously it goes without saying that every woman should have a pair of dark denim jeans and black dress pants in their closet (although I obviously fail at both of those since I don't have either), and I'm sure a lot of you (especially if you have jobs) have those. Ya'll know where to get jeans and pants that fit you, so I don't really need to go into too much depth there.

Personally, I can never have too many basic tees. I just found an amazing fit at Target. They're the Mossimo women's crew neck tees and they fit so PERFECTLY! They're a little stretchy, but made from a super soft material, so you don't feel like you're stuffed into it. I plan on going back and buying a few more in white and olive green (this season's hottest neutral, btw).

A little black dress should be securely stored in your closet. You never know when you'll be asked on a last minute dinner date, or when you can't find anything in the stores to wear to an event (which literally JUST happened to me). Find something with clean lines and that isn't too short, but is still a little "sexy". Ultimately, this is going to be your "go to" piece, so make sure you love it and you're comfortable in it.

Here are a few more pieces that can be added as you go:
-Classic black pumps
-"24 hour bag"-something that can take you from day to night and isn't too big or too small
-A proper fitting suit
-A neutral printed scarf
-Black and brown belts
-A fitted blazer
-A fun/sparkly/ruffly/metallic tank/tee to wear under your blazer that can help you go from work to cocktails in less than 5 seconds.
and last but not least...

pearls, big sunglasses, and breakfast.

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