Sunday, November 6, 2011

Whoa, it's been awhile!

Whew! It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks/months around the L household! The hubster came home from the 'Ghan and then we took a week to head back to the good ol' Midwest. I'm FINALLY getting a moment to sit down and think about what I want to blog about now and in the future. I need to find the discipline to keep up with this beast, I'm totally not willing to just let it go! Buuuut, it is a matter of finding the time with a toddler (who, btw, knows his ABC's already as well as his numbers 1-10!) and a house that needs constant upkeep! I'm also working on an Etsy shop, once I master some crafts, so that's going to hopefully take up even MORE time and bring in some revenue for me! We'll see!

I figured since it's been so long, I'd do a celebrity inspired look. I luuuurve doing those, and since they're fairly easy, it's a good way to slip back into things around here.

Ya know who's cute? Kristen Cavallari. Srsly. She's just adorable, and has KILLER style.

 I am uhhh-bsessed with this pleated leather mini look, hell, I would love it even if it WASN'T leather! It was NEARLY impossible to find a similar skirt, but after much "Bing Shopping", I found one! And get this, it's only $24! Granted, it's a lighter brown, but it'll do! Now obviously, it's not REAL leather, but it's still super duper adorbs! You can find it here, it's from a nifty little shop called Venus!

For the top, you could definitely just use a white button up from your closet, or you could find something a little more flowy and in something other than cotton. I have a really cute satin-y type top that would work perfectly if it wasn't a crop top (damn crop tops). I like this billowy button up from GoJane. They have some really cute stuff there! You could also get it in the blue color, add a little color, that'd be puuuuurty!

I love the bootie with skirt combo she's rockin' too. Can this girl do no wrong? You can go so many different ways with your shoes too if you aren't comfortable with booties (in that case, check out my bootie tutorial right here)! I'm kinda in love with these Studded Peep-Toe Booties from Charlotte, but if you aren't comfortable with those, you can pretty much rock anything. Seriously, even a pair of nude patent flats would be totally cute. There's even a pair of spikey heels that are similar! Can you tell I'm diggin' the tough/soft contrast with the bows and the studs? Orrrrr, you can go with a platform pump in any fun color (assuming you go with the white top)!

Kristen appears to be carrying a simple Chanel quilted bag, but if you're like me and your budget doesn't allow for those types of designer duds, Forever 21 has a pretty awesome "inspired" style. Check it out here. Otherwise, rock your own shoulder strap bag, and hit the town!

That's all for tonight, this daylight savings time is really kicking my rear!

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