Thursday, January 26, 2012

A quick celeb-inspired look...

I caught a peek at this pic of Vanessa Hudgens in Hawaii and I knew I had to share it with you. I am totally diggin' her Ikat print bikini, but since it's from Trina Turk, each piece retails for about $40+. Neiman Marcus actually has a one-piece cutout suit on sale for $49, you can find it here (what a steal)!

in Hawaii  January 25, 2012

Now, $49 is a pretty good deal, and even the full price designer suit isn't too shabby, but if you're like me and enjoy buying numerous suits each season, spending almost $90 on just one suit isn't going to work. Forever 21 has a really similar Ikat Bikini, for around $21! 

If you want to complete her super boho look, add a chunky necklace like this:
Maybe some bangles:
And you're set! Rock that suit with the confidence you've been hiding behind bulky clothes all winter. 

Soak up the sun (with SPF of course)!

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