Saturday, October 27, 2012

I'm Thinking Ahead!

If you know me, you know that I love any and every opportunity to buy a new dress, new heels, and do something special with my hair. When my husband's unit's military ball came up, I basically forced him to take me-I had been dying to go since we first started talking. 

So needless to say, New Year's Eve (or NYE as I prefer to call it) is one of my all time favorite "holidays". I love that everyone gets gussied up in their best duds (fellas, I'm lookin' at you) and toasts the new year together. There's just something so magical about the whole night. Plus, the champagne is usually freely flowing, and I won't complain about that.

Now, I'm well aware that it's not even November, but when you have a 2 year old (who obvs won't be joining in on the festivities with us) and you'll be traveling for the holidays, these things need to be planned well in advance! There's hotels that need to be booked, babysitters that need to be contacted, and the biggest task-an outfit that needs to be picked out. I always say that I'm going to have my outfit picked out well in advance, but usually find myself scrambling the day before trying to find something that suits what I had in mind. Well not this year my friends, I am vowing to have my dress and shoes in my possession well before Christmas (and while we're at it, I need a new skirt for Christmas Eve church-my newest record was shopping at Maurice's in my hometown 2 hours before the service). 

So, to kickstart my NYE planning, I've started my very own Pinterest inspiration board with the cutest dresses, skirts, bustiers, pants, and shoes. Want a sneak peek of what I've got so far? First, check out a pic of me and my [seriously underdressed] hubs from last year-hot mess central!

 Aren't we just adorbs? Ha.

Moving on...
I'm slightly obsessed with Lulu's again. I've found that I like the majority of the dresses they've got posted, and it seems like their prices have been lowered a bit. Plus, they have a fabulous selection of shoes too! 

Little Black Dress - Skater Dress - Racer Front Dress - $40.00Sexy Mesh Dress - Ivory Dress - White Dress - $48.00Cute Blue Dress - Halter Dress - $39.00

Yeah, I'm loving the cutout/sheer trend right now. For me, NYE is all about feeling and looking sexy. It's about expressing your fashion sense and really glamming it up. For me personally, it's an opportunity for my husband and me to go out sans the nugget, and enjoy each other's company-so of course I want to look my best!

studded peep-toe platformsopen toe suede heelsmetallic spiked heels
NYE is the one time that I wear heels higher than 3". My husband is only about 1/2" taller than I am, so I normally don't like to tower over him. I'm really eyeing the pair in the middle-I am loving the metal and the black together, so hot!

Of course, there are numerous other options for you to rock, and it's all about your personal preference and what you're comfortable in. For me, it's a cocktail dress and heels-for you it may be tuxedo pants, a flowy top, and booties-whatever you feel sexy in!

For more inspiration and all the links to the looks you see featured here, check out Fashion Lust on Pinterest, and make sure you follow me to be kept up to date on all the hottest looks for NYE!


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