Friday, October 12, 2012

jcp Classics!

I'm assuming that if you have a television, you've seen the commercial for JCP's (JCPenney for those not up to date on their "name change") new collection of classic pieces. They're a step up from your basic pieces, and every item they've got can easily be incorporated into any wardrobe. The best part of this collection is that basically everything is between $25 and $35! Buy a new piece each paycheck and before you know it, you'll have an entirely new wardrobe that can be mixed and matched into your current one! Read on for some of my favorites and how to wear them with what you've already own.

I love everything about cardigans. They are so effortless and are great for fall, because they can easily be layered. I'd definitely recommend having three essential cardis in your wardrobe: one solid colored neutral (black/brown/navy/gray), one solid colored "fun" (like the one posted above), and one patterned. This can be stripes, abstract, floral, anything that catches your eye. I love the gray striped one above, and especially love it paired with colored denim-a great way to take those from summer to fall. You can wear the cardi in so many different ways, check out my list:
-over a white/colored button-down shirt
-belted with a fun tank underneath
-open with a high-waisted pencil skirt and tee
-buttoned under a blazer (for those extra chilly days)
-open with a tank and statement necklace

2. jcp Long-Sleeve Voile Shirt- $25

I love how preppy this button-down shirt is! You can take it so many different ways, and it's perfect for work! I love a gray tank and statement necklace with this (try one of those bubble necklaces you see everywhere!). Tuck it into a pair of trouser pants for work or put a skinny belt over it and wear it with jeans on the weekends.

3. jcp Ankle-Length Pants- $20

These are a complete steal at only 20 bucks. Seriously. Get them in the black, fierce blue, and lafayette rose. So adorable, and perfect for work (yet again, see a pattern here?). I love the length of these because they are perfect for wearing with heels and flats. You don't have to worry about your hem dragging on the ground or covering your shoes. The colors are super fresh and can be worn during any season, just adjust your top and accessories accordingly! You could make a great color blocking effect with these rose-colored pants and a voile button-down (I like the ultramarine green solid colored one). Super chic.

4. jcp Colorblock Pullover- $22

I love how comfy this pullover looks. There's an array of colors and each one would look awesome with a pair of boyfriend jeans rolled at the ankle and loafers (I'm slightly obsessed with masculine touches this season). I also love it with a pair of skinny cords. You can even wear your colored denim, just make sure the colors complement each other! The pop of orange in this sweater is really fun and adds a bit of character to what could be an otherwise "typical" pullover sweater.

5. jcp Long-Sleeve Hi-Low Sweater- $18

Another great staple to add to your wardrobe. This is an updated, more sophisticated version of a sweatshirt. Just as comfortable and easy to wear, but a little more polished. The back is a little longer, which will help to cover your behind (I'm a freak about that). I would wear this with jeans, knee-high boots, a polished bun, and killer earrings. Dress up from the head up, and dress down from the neck down kinda deal. ;)

6. jcp Denim Jacket- $35

$35 for a jean jacket is an amazing deal!!! Seriously, go out and snag this now before everyone else does. There are SO MANY WAYS you can wear a jean jacket, and it can change the look of just about any outfit. Got a cute patterned dress that is just a little "too much" on its own? Throw the jean jacket over it, add some tights and boots, and you've got a whole new look. The white tee/colored denim or cords combination will never get old either, so this jacket will always be a "do". It can even be brought into Spring with shorts or a skirt (maxi skirts look adorable paired with jean jackets).

So what do you think? Do you shop at JCP? How do you feel about their new image? I think it's awesome and am super excited to check out this stuff in store and hopefully snag a few pieces of my own!

Until then, Happy Shopping-enjoy your weekend!

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