Wednesday, September 29, 2010

High fashion sweats?

A huge part of me wants to try the sweatpants with heels look, but another part of me is screaming, "You'll look like the biggest douche, knock it off". Maybe once I get my legs back to their pre-baby physique, I can give it a try. I guess we're all supposed to be on the lookout for "jweats" which are a jeans and sweats hybrid. Kinda like jeggings, but...sweats. Sounds weird, but also super comfy. Perfect for those weird "in-between" days where you don't want to get dressed, but you still want to look presentable. I found two pairs at F21, but the first pair looks like a geriatric version of mom jeans.
I feel like these would be super baggy in the crotch area which I'm not diggin'. I think I like these ones A LOT better, even though they're cotton and not denim. 
Ok, so what the hell are you supposed to wear with these? I think a monochromatic look would look awesome. I really love the dark gray platform heels that the store has paired with these. I really like this sequined top, it adds that little bit of sparkle that you would need to take from frumpy to fabulous.
Oooh, I love this top! The sparkly little bow is absolutely adorable. Plus, it's got the stripes which I love. It would look awesome in either the red or the navy blue.

Now, onto the shoes. Honestly, I'd stick with these gray platform pumps. You don't want to go too crazy with your shoes, keep the pants the main focus point. And please, don't buy these in red and think you can wear them if you buy that bow top in red. No, just don't.


  1. okay, so I'm not crazy about the sweatpants aspect of it, but the shape is totally in, especially here in the UK

    these kinda remind me of them,...shape wise and a more...fancy material..

    they have a ton similar in pants I wanna try it too!

  2. Caity,
    I ALMOST posted those exact pants! I actually really like those. I love how it tells you what to pair it with in the description, that's really cool. I <3 Mod Cloth!


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