Friday, December 3, 2010

Celeb Inspirations-Lauren Conrad, AGAIN!

I'm sorry, but can this girl do no wrong? I luuuuurve her style. Srsly, she is amazeballs and this picture just solidifies her spot in the Fashion Hall of Fame (if such thing existed). Check out this pic, and let's see if we can copy it for under $100 (I'm sure we can)...

The skirt she's wearing is Herve Leger which will run you about $750, so if you can swing that, then go for it, but I'd rather eat. I found this skirt from Metropark for only $44. That may be a little more than you REALLY want to spend on a skirt, but with the metallic material, you want it to be decently made, otherwise it's going to look like pure crap. This Boyfriend Button Down (Button Up?) from Macy's Material Girl line is PERFECT for the skirt. It's on sale for $19.99 so I'd recommend snatching it up before they're gone! You can't see her shoes in the pic, but you can't go out barefoot, so throw these Suede Pumps from Charlotte Russe ($30) on, and you're set! Honestly, if you're going to wear jewelry, keep it simple and delicate i.e. a charm necklace or diamond studs.

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