Tuesday, December 7, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

I'm browsing Love Culture's website and I must say, I'm kinda diggin' what I see. I'm not a fan of ALL of it, but there are some pieces that I could work into my wardrobe, and the prices are pretty decent as well. Their Knitted Ikat Miniskirt is super adorable. I actually like the shoes they paired with it as well, but I don't like the color too much. Maybe if they were more dark charcoal, they'd be more fitting, but the style is super cute. I would probably put these Oxford Style Pumps with the skirt instead. I really want a quilted bag as well. I know that I posted one similar to this before, but it's still on my wish list, so you get to look at yet another one. I'm not a fan of the lavender one, but I can dig the taupe, white, or black one. I would definitely loop a square scarf through one of the rings as well. There's something about this Plenty of Jewels belt that I really like. I don't like the red or black, but I really like the tan one (or is that yellow?). It's super vintage and really cute! This Plumed Rosette Hair Pin is absolutely adorable! Make sure that your top isn't too busy if you stick this in your hair, but it would be perfect with your LBD and colored (coughREDcough) pumps. Very pinup-esque!

'Tis all for tonight, I'm exhausted and my bed is sounding mighty fine right about now! Happy shopping and let me know if you pick anything up from Love Culture! :)

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