Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's been awhile...

Wow, I didn't realize it had been that long since I've updated, but I guess life has a funny way of passing you by when you're not really paying attention. I've been so busy with the everyday mundane tasks of holding down the fort and raising a child, that I kinda had to put FL to the side. I really want to be back at least part time, but it's getting to be crunch time for me-preparing for our vow renewal and my hubs' HOMECOMING-but I could at least try to post 1-2 times a week!

I've been struggling with my wardrobe lately. I just turned 25 and I feel like a lot of my clothes and the stores I shop at are a bit too young for me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, but when I'm 10 years older than every other shopper there, it's hard to feel like I'm wearing age appropriate clothing, know what I mean?

The thing I love about H&M is that it's affordable. You can buy TONS of basics (like tanks, tees, henleys, even dresses) for under $10. Their sales are amazing and their clothes are right on trend. I love that a lot of their apparel can be worn casually, at the office, and at night. One piece can take you from the office to cocktails which I think is super important. I really wish they'd update their website to allow you to shop online-the nearest H&M in NY is in Syracuse, which is over an hour away. I suppose it's worth it though, and I can make a few trips there a year to stock up. Here's some stuff I'm diggin' for fall:
Cardigan-$24.95-I love how fitted and warm this looks. I need a nice "sturdy" cardigan for Fall, and this would look super adorable with a white tank, brown belt, and my faaaabulous zip up boots.
Blouse-$24.95-How CUTE is this?! I like the black and white polka dots, they'd look super cute paired with dark denim and some red flats-so very vintage!
Dress-$24.95-Ok, so this might be kinda hard to pull off, but ZOMG I think I neeeed this. It would look so freakin' adorable with some black leggings and boots. Or better yet, BOOTIES! If you go the bootie route, stick with tights (like thick ones), or just add some cute socks over your leggings. :)
Blazer-$59.95-The PERFECT herringbone blazer! How perfectly preppy is this?! The possibilites are endless with this piece and you can wear it SO many times-and it'll never go out of style! That's what is so great about spending a bit more on classic pieces. I'm picturing this with like a green and black striped tee. I'm not sure why, but I think it'd really pull off that "preppy" look. Or you could go in a total opposite direction and pair it with a flowy blouse and some delicate jewelry. Adorbs! <--Yep, I said it. New word alert!

Oh, and I can't pass up this little boy's cardigan (a freakin' STEAL at $6.95)! Oh my gosh, Liam would look so CUTE in this! Ahhhh....!

Alright, that's all for tonight, it's almost 10 pm which is like 2 am in old lady mom time. I'm glad to be back though and hopefully I can keep this puppy up! Don't forget to like FL on Facebook too! You can do that right...HERE!



  1. oh i love that you posted right now, yay!

    i hate how you can't shop h&m online, it's very frustrating. the cardigan you linked IS perfect. i totally want/need something like that. the blouse is super pretty, but i can't imagine myself wearing it. maybe...

    the dress!! zoiks! that dress is brilliant. i love how the model was wearing it with the opaque tights. it looked perfect.

    and the blazer. well, i never ever wear blazers. i should. maybe once i'm in a colder climate it'll be something that i start doing. i love the one you linked. it looks so cozy. it's preppy without being super stiff.

    you do have a great eye. if/when i ever become super rich... i'm hiring you as my personal shopper and we're going nuts.

  2. YES! Can I please?! I would love that! I just found a purple velvet blazer in one of my old bins of clothes and I'm considering bringing it back to NY with me. I think I could "update" it a bit and make it work-we'll see! :)


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