Saturday, August 11, 2012

Apricot Lane Boutique

I have a new love in my life. She is stylish, chic, and classy. She's also affordable and really cool. Wanna know who she is? She's this little boutique named Apricot Lane. I'm sure you've seen their styles all over Pinterest, but have you ever taken a minute to go check out their site and do a little shopping? If you haven't, I definitely would recommend you do so ASAP because their stuff sells out FAST, and it's no wonder why (case in point, the dress that I came over here to blog about has already sold out-I'm guessing in a matter of minutes). They will usually re-stock things, but some things are totally gone forever when they sell out.

I wanted to write about some of my favorite looks from their store and just share my love in general for them. Owning a boutique like this one day is exactly what I've always wanted to do, and I'm hoping that when J is out of the Army and we're more settled, I can make that dream a reality. 

*Remember, all items can be purchased through Apricot Lane's Facebook page or at their website, Apricot Lane Peoria-all photos are property of the store, and I do not claim them as my own. They are solely meant to promote their products (and no, I'm not paid for this, I do it because I truly love their products!*

This is the dress I had originally come here to write about. I was hoping to incorporate it into a few different looks, but since it's no longer in stock, I don't feel right dangling it in front of your face then ripping it away. ;) But I did want to share my love for it and obsess over it a bit more here. I'm not sure what it is about skulls, but I'm slightly in love with them. And what's even more awesome about this dress is the fact that you'd never guess what's on the back. It's a bit like a mullet (a super awesome mullet mind you-lady in the front, rebel in the back. And I think that's pretty sweet. I love this dress on its own, but if you're like me and cursed blessed with long legs, you'll probably have to wear leggings or tights underneath it. I'd suggest trying some printed leggings, something in a light gray. Don't go too crazy with the print, but you can definitely have a little fun with this one! Or, if you just want to feel ultra sexy, add a pop of color with some sexy heels. Add a clutch, and you're ready for a night out on the town. If you're as much in love with this dress as I am, check back regularly to see if they re-stock them.
Slithered Path LeggingsTitans Stepping Stone Leggings

1. Titans Stepping  Stone Leggings-Urbanog
2. Slithered Path Leggings-Urbanog
2. Dollhouse Kammy Round Toe Platform Pump-Urbanog

Blueprint Bustier
This is the "Blueprint Bustier" top. Isn't it so-very 80's? I picture this with a high waisted maxi skirt, something in a fun pattern.Or you could pair it with a pleated skirt in a neutral color and have fun with your jewelry! I think my favorite look would be a pair of loose fitting (think palazzo or harem) pants and some killer bangles. Keep your accessories modern to avoid looking like a mall rat. ;)

1. Pleated Geo Maxi Skirt-Forever 21
2. Pleated Crepe Chiffon Skirt- Forever 21
3. Daisy Print Palazzos- Forever 21

Cheetah Palazzo Pants
Cheetah Palazzo these even need any sort of explanation? They are killer. They look so super comfy, yet can be part of a polished effort with little to no effort. Since the bottoms are so loose, keep the top fitted. A simple black tank and gold jewelry will look fabulous. Bring them into the cooler months by pairing them with a tee or long sleeved shirt or cardigan.

1. Pop Of Color Bustier- Love Culture
2. High Collar Lace Top- Love Culture
3. Basic V-Neck Tee- Love Culture

Here are some of the jewelry pieces I'm diggin' as well...

Bubbled Up, Multiple Colors
"Bubbled Up" necklace-this reminds me of the J Crew necklaces, but like 78% off the price! They have a bunch more colors in stock, but snatch these up before they're gone!

I Zig, You Zag Bangles, Set of 4
"I Zig, You Zag" bangles. I'm obsessed with anything and everything chevron. These would look fantastic together, mixed and matched, or worn alone-anyway you want!

Turquoise Bead Cross Bracelet
"Turquoise Bead Cross" bracelet. The sideways cross bracelet trend seems to be in full swing, and trust me, they're hard to find (at a decent price, at least), but I am loving the simplicity of this one. Again, worn alone= great, but worn with a bunch of other bracelets=even better!

There are a TON more styles over at Apricot Lane. Seriously. Go check them out now or you'll miss out and really regret it. I'm hoping to order a few pieces of my own once we aren't strapped for cash (numerous visitors in the past couple weeks have really drained our bank account)!

Head over, then come back, comment, and tell me what your favorite piece is!

Happy Shopping!


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