Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pinterest Fall Fashions-Make Them Your Own!

As much as I love (and can spend hours) browsing the "Women's Fashion" section of Pinterest, I find myself having a serious case of closet envy. Suddenly, I feel like my closet doesn't measure up, and then I feel inadequate. Ok, that's a slight exaggeration, but you catch my drift, right? I hope to one day get to the point with this blog where designers are sending me free stuff to model and write about, but that day is very far away, so for now, I'll have to settle with the things that are in my closet currently, and making them work. You'd be surprised at how many pieces can be repurposed and worn in different ways-it just takes a "fresh" set of eyes and a new perspective. Invite your best gal pal over and ask her to go through your closet with you, you'd be so surprised at what you may find. In the meantime, check out these looks, make a list, and once you're done reading, head to your closet and see what's waiting for you (and maybe clean it up a little bit while you're there-that's what I spent all morning doing)!

love this chunky cardigan.

This is the perfect case of bringing something from Summer into Fall/Winter. Remember that cute little sundress you bought? Don't stuff it in the back of your closet once the air starts getting chilly, pair it with a chunky sweater (it doesn't even have to be a cardigan, if you have a regular sweater, throw it over the dress and belt it, and VOILA! your sundress is now a skirt) and some tights, or even leggings for those colder months. For Fall, keep it simple and classic with flats, and once the snow hits, switch them out for boots. 

All looks courtesy of Forever 21


Another "chunky" vibe going on with look numero dos. I'm kinda obsessed with that scarf, doesn't it look suuuuper warm?! The thing that I love most about this look is the layers. If you're like me, and living in a frozen tundra, you need to keep warm while you're outdoors, but once you're inside someone's sauna home and it's a bit warmer, you won't need all those pieces on. I guarantee that you have at least TWO of these pieces in your closet too.

Thimble Skull Top - IvoryNext Day Tank - BeigeStretch Riding Pants - BlackVierra Zip Blazer - Black
Clothing from Necessary Clothing
Cabin Of The Woodlands Scarf
Accessories from Urbanog

Color pants & fur.

Ok, so I know that this one is a bit more risky, but I am definitely loving it. The furry vest will keep you super warm, and the colored denim can be brought over from your Summer wardrobe! I'm willing to bet you have some ankle booties from last year too!

Lucky Brand <em>Faux Fur Vest</em> Medium - Lucky Brand Women's <em>Vest</em>
Vest by Lucky Brand Jeans|Clothing by Love Culture

Accessories by Love Culture

So there you have it, three of Fall's comfiest looks, and you probably already have the majority of the components in your closet!

I need to go watch the Women's Gymnastics team kick more butt, happy shopping [in your own closet]!


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