Friday, September 21, 2012

Reader Request: How To Pair Cowboy Boots With Any Outfit!

One of my fabulous readers, Stephanie, recently asked me if I could make a post about cowboy boots. I will admit, I don't own a single pair of cowboy boots nor have I ever even worn a pair. I grew up in Minnesota, and the only boots we wear there are snow boots (a la Napoleon Dynamite), so I'm a bit of a "cowboy boot virgin" if you will. Being the awesome blogger that I am though, I took the challenge and must say, I'm considering buying myself a pair now. I just need to nail down the accent and a bit of that "Southern swag" (you all know you're jealous of those Georgia peaches) and I should be set. Until then, check out some of my favorite looks and let me know what you think and what you (if you're cooler than me and own a pair) wear yours with!

skirts and boots

I really love the look of skirts and cowboy boots. If any of you remember, I did a "Steal Her Look" post about Carrie Underwood where she was wearing a full mini skirt with boots (so see, I was ahead of the times!). It was an absolutely adorable look, and I think these skirts here would look equally awesome paired with your boots. I love the look of the high-low skirt, and think it would look great with a pair of worn in boots. Almost like a "grunge" look, but still girly and feminine. You can pair just about any tank with that skirt, but I'm kinda diggin' the loose cropped look. Layer some long necklaces and bangles to complete your look. Obviously, a chambray top had to be featured-this blog post wouldn't be complete without it. I am in love with the skirt it's paired with as well. You don't get much more Southern Belle without a giant pink bow, right? To make this look look balanced, keep your skirt looser and your top a bit more fitted. Have fun with colors and patterns (one or the other; top or bottom) too, if you have a little bit of turquoise or red in your boots, bring those colors up to your skirt or your top. And as always, you can't go wrong with a horse tee (how cute is that?!)!


I think one of my favorite looks paired with cowboy boots is a dress. It's so very chic, and definitely an easy to throw together option. You can pretty much get away with any dress, but the length and the style are very important. As you see, I've paired a red lace dress (unexpected, right?) with the boots, but I've also added a Western inspired belt to add a little bit of country to it. I absolutely love the look of the sundresses with the slouchy cardis, so comfy and easy! You can also belt just about any dress in your closet, a simple blue shift shirtdress gets bedazzled with another Western inspired belt. Keep your accessories simple here, a touch of sparkle in your ears or some big gold hoops will help you look polished and pulled together.

pants and shorts

Probably one of the easiest, and most common combos are jeans and shorts. I think just about everyone makes the connection of cowboy boots and Daisy Dukes. You can always wear your denim with your boots, but there are ways to switch it up a little when you're in a rut. Instead of going to your trusty blues, try a colored denim in rust or red-that pop of color will give any outfit a boost. Or, you can try a pair of corduroys, they're back this season and in a multitude of colors. I prefer my boots with skinnies tucked in, but if you aren't down with that trend, try a bootcut or flare (but the whole point is to show off your boots, right? So take a risk and tuck 'em in). I love the "Skinny Kick" from AE, they're skinny on the top so you can tuck them into your boots, but have a slight flare at the bottom so they can be paired with flats. With jeans, a printed top in an unexpected pattern (skulls with cowboy boots? Whoda thunk?!) and scarf give off a super bohemian vibe, will a flowy sweater and layered necklaces give off a more feminine vibe. For added warmth, throw on a pair of leg warmers over your jeans and let them peek out the top of your boots.
For shorts, a flannel with your Dukes will make you look sexy, but still laid back (isn't that what every girl wants?). Extra points if you tie it at the waist, throw on a cowboy hat, and add aviators-but that's up to you. I'm also obsessed with lace/crochet shorts this season, and they are the perfect addition to your boots. For an unexpected twist, I paired them with a vintage rock tee and art deco inspired earrings. Think of it as "Cowgirl Grunge". I think that's my favorite look at all-totally effortless, yet suuuuper cool.

So there ya have it, my best attempt at styling around cowboy boots. Hope I did the South proud, and while you're shopping, here's my favorite cowboy singing ya'll a little tune.



  1. Love this!!! PS "Y'all" :)

  2. I ALWAYS spell it wrong! I'll always stick out like a sore thumb, thank jeebus you can't hear my accent through the computer!


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