Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Lusts!

I'm attempting to simultaneously blog and tweet about the Emmys, so if this post is a little scattered, you'll have to forgive me. If I ever get to walk a red carpet in a designer gown, I will die a happy girl. A very happy girl. And if I ever look as amazing as Sofia Vergara, I'll die even happier. I'll leave all the Emmy talk for later this week though, and get straight to my weekly lust list.

1. Lace Up Boots- Forever 21:
I mean, really, how much more effortless can these things get? If I had smaller feet, I would totally rock those  flat chukkas, but considering I was blessed with gigantic clown feet, I look ridiculous in them. You can check out all of Forever 21's lace up boot selection and pick your own favorites!

2. High-Low Scarf Print Dress- Forever 21:
This is a great example of how to bring the high-low trend into Fall. You can pair this black and gold dress with tall boots or heels, add some tights for those cool nights. I also think a colorful belt (like hot pink or red) would look fabulous paired with this dress. Snatch it up here before they're gone!

3. Polka Dot Tights- GoJane:
Aren't these just fab?! They're very 1920's boudoir-so very sexy and understated! I love these with red or black sky high stilettos and a LBD. Slightly obsessed, and they're under $10, so there's really no reason why these SHOULDN'T be in your closet.

4. Scalloped Lace Dress- SheInside:
Champagne Long Sleeve Floral Lace Scalloped Hem Dress
For all my Kate Middleton fans, check out this gorgeous champagne lace dress from SheInside. It is the perfect dress for a Fall/Winter wedding or any other semiformal event you may need to attend. Best part? It's only $39.90 and can be pulled off even if you aren't British royalty. 

5. Leopard Peplum Skirt- Apricot Lane Peoria
Leopard Peplum Skirt
I probably have too much leopard print in my closet, but I really don't care. It will never (in my eyes at least) go out of style, and you can pair it with pretty much anything. It's one of my favorite (and sassiest) neutrals! This peplum skirt from one of my favorite boutiques will look fab paired with just about anything. Black, red, pink, blue, green, brown-see a pattern here? Leopard looks great with everything. I need more skirts in my wardrobe, and you're killing two trends with one piece here-leopard and peplum. Check out Apricot Lane Peoria for this skirt and more cute looks!

That's it for tonight, folks. I've been tweeting/blogging/FB'ing since about 5:00, so I need to spend some time with my fam, get ready for tomorrow, and study some more for my accounting exam! Enjoy your week and don't let Monday get the best of you! ;)

Happy Shopping!

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