Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stocking Stuffers!

Am I the only one who thinks that stocking stuffers should be under $10?! I get so frustrated when I see the title "STOCKING STUFFERS!" and the stuff they feature costs anywhere from $5-20! I'm sorry, but when I was a kiddo, my stocking was filled with travel packs of Kleenex (in a festive Christmas pattern, of course), $1 scratch-offs, and an orange-not a $40 pair of headphones and a $15 iTunes gift card.

Well, I'm here to save the day, and offer you a fabulous list of true goodies that are all under $10. You can still give great gifts on a budget (that post is coming later, I promise), and fill those giant socks with things that people will actually use and love!

These fab earmuffs are a total steal at only $4.90 each! If the giftee lives in a chilly area, these will most definitely come in handy! They can easily be tossed into a purse/backpack/briefcase, and won't ruin her hairstyle!

I love wearing leg warmers underneath my boots. They add a little bit of extra warmth and help to keep my jeans snugly tucked inside my boots. I'm especially loving the little button tab at the top! Get them here for only $6.90 a pop!

Every fashionista needs a chic cocktail ring to pair with their LBD. I love the clusters of these gemstones and the colors will go perfectly with anything (I love the first one with leopard print)! They're only $5.90 a piece, so you can grab a few for your girls and one for you as well!

These miniature pendants are so delicate and cute, they cannot be passed up! They're only $2.90 a piece, which is an unheard of deal! I love the little daschund one for a friend of mine who's got a mini! These can definitely be picked out for each of your friend's personalities-there's eight different pendants to choose from!


I am in love with this expandable polka dot cosmetics case! It is absolutely perfect for travel, and has nice, clear, pockets, so you're able to see all your stuff! It could also double as a clutch for a night out-just in case you forget yours when you head home! These are only $6.80 each!

How absolutely adorable are these knit slippers?! Don't they look super comfy cozy? I don't know anyone who doesn't like slippers, so these are a perfect stuffer! F21 has them on sale for only $5.00 today and free shipping!

Manicure sets are great. They may not seem like the best gift, but think of this-how many times have you been out, or in your car, or on campus, or wherever, and you have a hangnail. Or your nail breaks. If you've got this compact manicure set in your bag, you don't have to worry about not catching your nail on your sweater and ripping it clear off! This one is $3.80 and also comes in pink/gold!


Mustache BandagesWhat Happened? Bandages
Who doesn't need one of these now and then? These bandages are hilarious and quirky-perfect for that difficult person on your gift list! Yeah, $7 is a bit much for some bandages, but they're a one-of-a-kind gift that is sure to get a chuckle!

Stackable Initial RingStackable Initial Ring
These stackable initial rings are so adorable, and perfect for your friend who is obsessed with her new boyfriend/husband, or maybe one who just became a new momma! They can also be worn alone for every strong and single gal in your life! They're $8 each or 2 for $12 if you want to get both of them!

GAMAGO Nail BuffGAMAGO Nail Buff

These are nail files! I'm a big fan of the cat one, but there's also a turntable as well as a guitar. These are $5.00 a pop!


NYXJumbo Eye Pencil

These NYX jumbo eye pencils are a great all-in-one eye product for any beauty junkie! They do double duty as an eyeshadow and a liner-so there's no need to carry both in your bag. They come in a multitude of colors (I love the cobalt and sparkle nude) and are only $4.49 each!


Everyone can use a little brightening when it comes to their smile, and this gloss does just that! It starts off clear and then adjusts to your skin tone to create the perfect reddish/pink hue! Just like the eye pencil, it's only $4.49!

EssieNail Polish

Essie is hands-down my favorite nail polish brand. It comes in tons of great shades and is applied easily and effortlessly. Paired with a good topcoat, it has great staying power as well-the nude color I've got on my nails has been on for over a week now, with barely any chips! The color shown is Devil's Advocate which is a super sexy black/brown shade, which is perfect for winter. Bobbing For Baubles, Cocktail Bling, and Merino Cool are a couple of my faves! They retail for about $8.00 a bottle, but are totally worth the extra dough!

Welp, there ya have it! Thirteen stocking stuffers for under $10! I told ya it could be done!

Happy Shopping, and enjoy your holiday celebrations, whatever they may be!

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