Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kardashian Kollection at Sears

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I'm assuming there was a collective (sorry, I meant "kollective") groan when you all saw the title of this post and immediately knew what it was about. Love them or hate them (I'll get to my opinions later), you have to admit that they're smart and savvy businesswomen. They have built an empire, separately and apart, and are definitely powerful women. 

Me, I love them. To be honest, I can't get enough of them. I mean, I'm not obsessed enough to make a "Kardashian Mafia" Instagram and Twitter account (although, if you want, you can follow little ol' me, @cee-jay-elle and @cjleaders, respectively), but I do admire and love everything about them. They're real, they're sexy, confident, and have killer style. Not to mention their take-no-prisoners attitude about them. My personal fave is Kourtney, I think she's the most style savvy and she has a potty mouth-two things I admire in a person. ;)

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So anyways, moving on...

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple months (and I'm assuming if you're reading this blog, you haven't been),  you'd know that the Kardashian sisters have their own clothing line at Sears. This has expanded into swimwear, accessories, shoes, lingerie, and now bedding (see what I mean about being moguls?). Some of their stuff is (in my penny-pinching opinion) a little pricey, but since Sears always has really good sales, you can usually get it for at least 30% off. 

I'm having a tough time posting pics, and I can't even really link the items, so I'm going to do my best here in making this a relevant post.

Here's just a few of my favorite pieces, and how I'd style them...

1. Women's Striped Shorts: These are a pair of high waisted white shorts w/black stripes. They're super adorable and can be worn dressed up or dressed down.They've paired them with a white, ruffly top, but I think I'd go a funkier route. I love pairing black and white patterns with a pop of color, and with b&w, you can choose your favorite color (I'd personally avoid orange and yellow so you don't look like Halloween or a bumblee), and go from there. Here is what I like:

2. Women's Tribal Print Jumpsuit: If you know me, you know that I love a good jumpsuit. I don't just love them, I'm borderline obsessed with them. I would wear one every single day if I could. A printed one makes me even more giddy, so when I saw that they had some killer jumpsuits, I swooned a little. Obv, there's not a whole lot you can add to a jumpsuit, but you CAN go a little nutso with jewelry if you'd like. Which I always like. 

3. Women's Rope Halter Stripe Maxi Dress: maxi dresses are beyond perfect for summertime. They're breezy, easy, and help you look put together when you need to look presentable in a pinch. I love how this one has a slit up the front, it adds a little touch of glamour to an otherwise simple dress. Another plus, these dresses look great on pregnant women-if I'm ever pregnant during the summer months, I'll be living in these thangs.

Everything you see here is from Forever 21, check out their website for amazing deals!

That's all for tonight, the fam took an extra long walk with our new puppy, Harvey, so we're all a little exhausted. Gonna watch some reality TV, then call it a night!

Happy Shopping!


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