Sunday, July 15, 2012

My "Mental Shopping List"...

I've been in a rut lately. It's been so hot and I haven't really done anything worth dressing up for. When I'm cleaning my house and chasing after Tropical Storm Liam, it's hard to look superduperstylish, so I usually stick with my cut off jean shorts, a tank, and some stud earrings. Earrings are always a must-have for me, and I buy the majority of mine in multi-packs from Charlotte Russe. Anyways, back to my rut. Have I mentioned what stores are at my disposal here in Upstate NY? Let's see, there's the regular department stores-Sears, The Bon Ton, and JC Penny. There's also a Burlington Coat Factory, Kohls, and TJ Maxx, but I rarely have luck at either of those (the latter is usually more successful and I'm actually going to head back there today). As far as regular clothing stores, there is Charlotte Russe, AE, Aero, Maurices, Vanity, Maurices, Hollister, Pac Sun, Hot Topic, Old Navy, Deb, Dress Barn, Gap, and Zumiez. When I write it all out, it seems like a lot-but depending on your style and your budget, your options are limited. I'm more of a Forever 21, H&M, and Macy's kinda gal-I like my trendier pieces, but can't afford to spend a whole lot. Hollister hasn't fit me since I stopped being a size zero, Vanity and Maurices just aren't my cup of tea, and the quality just isn't there with Deb. I can definitely get down with Pac Sun and AE sometimes, but it's rare. So there, you see where I'm coming from. My other options are over 70 miles away, so going there often is out of the question-and this is coming from the girl who used to work and live less than 5 minutes from the Mall of America.

I miss you, old friend (and this is SUCH an old pic, btw).

Ok, so back to my point-again (am I babbling today or what?!).
I haven't been able to find anything even remotely cute when I go shopping lately, but I have this imaginary shopping list in my head that I'm just waiting to check off. So today, what I thought I'd do, is share that list with you, and also share some of the things I have checked off my list. Sound good? Hokay.

1. Colored Denim-CHECK
JeggingSkinny Jean 
I bought mine at AE, and luuuuuuuhrve them. They are super comfy and stretchy and the color is perfect. They're a neon coral-so they look fresh with just a white tank and fun jewelry. Plus, they make me look tan, which I can always get down with.
2. Lace Shorts-CHECK or so I thought...
I bought these Scalloped Bobbin Lace Shorts from Forever 21 and waited SO impatiently for them to arrive. When I got them and tried them on, I was super disappointed. They aren't scalloped like in the pic, and the underlay is as long as the lace, so you can't see the lace detail at all. And then there was some sort of defect, where the seam on the side was sewn to the bottom-so now I have to get to the store to return them. These were a complete steal at $17.80, so I think I'm going to exchange them at the store and get another pair if I can't find anything I like better.

3. Hi-Low Dress (with cut outs if possible)
I had found an absolutely ahhhhdorable dress from Apricot Lane Boutique (which, btw, I am obsessed with) that would have been perfect, but it was all sold out. I had simple and classy cut outs as well as a fun striped skirt attached. Would have been perfect for my birthday, but I couldn't chance it with shipping. And now it's gone...*wipes away tear*

4. Fringe Bikini
I have been searching for one of these forever. Target used to have one, and I am kicking myself very hard for not snatching it up (that's my problem, I totally overanalyze my purchases and freak out when I get to the register). Now the only ones I can find are over $50 a piece and that, my friends, ain't happenin'. 

5. Studded Loafers
love the coral loafers...
I love my dad, but hate that his genes gave me huge feet that cannot fit into Madden Girl shoes. Which sucks because I usually can't afford Steve Madden shoes (unless they're on sale at DSW or Famous Footwear), but the Madden Girl line usually costs less. I had found a pair at TJ Maxx for like $30 and wanted them soooo bad, but the biggest size they had was a 9 1/2 and they were just too tight. Had they been like $10, I would have bought them in hopes of stretching them out just a bit, but I couldn't swing the $30. Boo. 

6. Kimono Cardigan
love the lightness of the cardi, not crazy about the matching shoes and bag though.
This will be perfect for the changing late Summer weather-it's lightweight enough to not suffocate you, but will also allow you a bit of "shelter" from chillier nights. I love this look with heels, skinny jeans, a white tank, and delicate jewelry. So effortless.

Those are my "specifics" for now, but the second I see something adorable in Cosmo or Vogue, I'm all over it and have to add it to my mental checklist.

What's on your list? Have you been able to check anything off lately?


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