Monday, July 9, 2012

Steal Their Look!

How was everyone's weekend? Winding down after the craziness of the 4th? We had a whirlwind of a holiday, J had some extra time off, so we got to spend lots of time as a fam.

And since I quit my job (yep, I quit-long story), I've been playing Suzie Homemaker again. My house has never been so clean. Oh, and I took it upon myself to finish all the DIY projects and room makeovers I had been putting off. So it's been fun!

It's been awhile since I've done a "Steal Her Look..." post, so I figured I'd sneak on over to People Style Watch's website and see what looks we could steal this week. I found a couple looks that I really dug, and I'm going to share them with you! As always, make them your own-and enjoy!

First up, we have Demi Lovato. Let me just say, I always thought she was just another annoying Disney star, but after reading her interview in Glamour, I totally changed my opinion on her. She is a super strong woman and really inspirational. She's the newest judge on X Factor too (along with Miss B. Spears), so I'm excited to watch this season! 

DEMI LOVATO photo | Demi Lovato

This look will be REALLY easy to emulate. Take one Pippa Lace Dress, add a Pink Ladies Jacket, and finish it off with a pair of Selene Pumps. Easy and effortless, huh?

Pippa Lace Dress - PinkPink Ladies Jacket - BlackSelene Pump - Black

Next up, we have Olivia Palermo, who is always super chic. She rubbed me the wrong way on "The City", but I now respect her a bit-the girl knows how to do PR. If I could have a career half as successful as hers, I'd be happy. 

OLIVIA PALERMO photo | Olivia Palermo

She is rocking a leather peplum top, but finding one of those under $50 will be nearly impossible. I did find a faux version, but that ran $89 at Piperlime. This Hard Rock Peplum Top looks like it's leather, so it adds that rock star vibe to the ensemble. Since the top is fairly elaborate, stick with a simple short like the Diamond Shorts. These Anne Michelle "Momentum" pumps pull everything together, and a Mac Belt finishes the look.

Hard Rock Peplum Top - BlackDiamond Shorts - IvoryMac Belt - Black

That's all for tonight, folks. I'm somehow freakin' exhausted, so it's off to bed for me! 

Happy shopping!


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