Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Celeb Inspirations-Nicole Richie

So I found this look from the soon-to-be Mrs. Joel Madden, and I fell in love. She has the boho look down to a t, and although some of her styles are a bit too extreme, I thought this was a perfect "in between" look.

Now, I tried to get this look for under $150, but I went a little over. Mostly on the shoes and the jean jacket, but I figure you will definitely wear those again, so you can splurge just a little. Plus, you may already have a pair of black leggings and a slouchy bag in your wardrobe, so if you do, you'll save like $38 right there! Here's the breakdown, and the total is at the bottom! The majority of the websites wouldn't let me C&P the images, so in order to keep a sense of "togetherness", I'm only posting the links today. Happy saving!

Your grand total for this entire outfit is $171.93!

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