Saturday, October 16, 2010

Military looks!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...maybe I'm biased, but you've gotta admit that this is a pretty badass look. I'm not telling you to go out and buy head to toe camouflage, but mix a few pieces of the military inspired look into your wardrobe and you'll have the fellas saluting you in no time! Omg, that was so cheesy, moving on...

I'm ashamed to admit this, but I used to own a shirt that said, "My boyfriend is in the Army". Haha, how embarrassing, right? Once I realized that I didn't need to go around flaunting my [then] boyfriend's profession (I mean, how many t-shirts do you see that say, "My boyfriend is a Plumber"?), I started mixing in more subtle military inspired pieces. Nowadays, you can find stuff at just about any store you step in to. I was just at Target, and they had a ton of mil pieces. Pretty awesome. As always, you don't need to do this look head to toe. I'd suggest sticking with one main piece like a cardigan or cargo pants, and mixing in more feminine or basic pieces to complete the outfit. 

I love this sweater. It looks really cozy and the color goes with just about anything. I think it would look perfect with a floral print tunic underneath. Something along the lines of this Lush Bow Camisole (Nordstrom $28.00). Throw on some jeans and add some Buckle Fringe Clogs (F21- $28.80) to complete your look.

Let's try a military look on the bottom with these adorable Cargo Denim Pants (F21- $24.80). Personally, I think the shoes that they paired with are way too clunky, but that's neither here nor there. Since the bottoms are so fitted, I'd pair them with a more relaxed, slouchy-type top. This Tonal Stripes Sweater Tunic (F21- $17.80) would be perfect! To make the look more polished, add a pair of nude heels like these from F21 (they're only $23.80). A Rustic Metal Elastic Bracelet (F21- $10.80) to top everything off finishes the look.

This Perfect Fall Knit Dress is only $14.50! Seriously. It's perfect for fall, and you can always add a pair of tights when it gets a little chilly. Actually, I think I'd wear black tights with it regardless! I really want to try the "combat boot" look, but I'll admit, it is a little scary. This pair of Combat Ankle Boots (F21- $35.80) aren't so scary, and would work well with the whole monochromatic look that we've got goin' on here. I use the term "combat boots" very loosely because they look nothing like the real combat boots and that makes me giggle a little bit. Before you head out the door, throw on this Rounded Hem Blazer (Charlotte Russe- $34.50) and you're set! This Vintage Beaded Necklace (F21- $6.80) adds the perfect pop of color.

So there ya go, three looks that will help you pull off the military look.

Buuut, if you want a real military look, check this out:
Sorry, I had to. 

Alrighty, I'm done. Happy Saving, and Happy Saturday to all!


  1. love this post. I've been mixing in the military look. really subtle though. basically I think I have like two or three pieces in 'camo green' -one top, and one pair of keds-like sneakers. I really want some cargo pants kind of like those.
    oh and also , I just ordered these- I'm so excited

    the military boots are EVERYWHERE here. everywhere. love it.

  2. Those are super cute, Caity! Love them! :)


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