Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day Clutches!

I love a good clutch purse. 

I love it even more when it's worn during the day. There is something so ridiculously chic about an oversized clutch that I just can't get over. Clutches tend to be more fun and expressive than your regular, everyday purse. Obviously, you won't be carrying this all the time, so you can experiment with different styles and colors more than you usually would! Plus, a clutch screams "night on the town" which instantly excites me.

When you carry a clutch, people's eyes are going to be drawn to your hands and fingers, so why not pretty those up too? A killer manicure and cocktail ring can spice up any outfit, and this is the perfect opportunity to give them some much needed attention!

  Bling Diamond Dome Ring
Glitzerland by OPI
Bling Diamond Dome Ring-Charlotte Russe

I love the girlyness of this clutch, and think the nude/sparkly polish adds a very polish look to it. When I wear a nude polish, I love to have a lot of sparkle in my ring. This combo is perfect for a Sunday brunch-it's ladylike, structured, and very classic.

rhinestone trim stone ring
ASOS Faux Snake Clutch Bag ASOS Faux Snake Clutch Bag
No Boundaries by Essie
Rhinestone Trim Stone Ring-Go Jane

I'm obsessed with this look. The dark brown and green are very sophisticated and polished, but the rhinestones and the hot pink polish add an unexpected punch of fun. All I can think of when I see this look is Ron Burgundy-"I have many leather bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany". 

Crush Faux Leather Ruffled Clutch-Murval
Aquadelic by China Glaze
Bejeweled Cluster Ring-Forever 21

I'm not usually a matchy-matchy person, but the clean-ness of this clutch and ring will look amazeballs with the bright aqua polish. The white and the aqua just reminds me of a tropical beach, so relaxed and fresh. 

leatherette fold-over clutchDovima Opaque Nail Polish
Leatherette Fold Over Clutch-Go Jane
Dovima by Nars
Rhinestone Knuckle Ring

There's something about turquoise and red together that I absolutely love. The edginess of the knuckle ring gives this look an extra kick of bad ass-ery (excuse my language). I would definitely tuck in the chain strap and make this a clutch, but love that it's versatile enough to be both!

So would you or do you already carry a day clutch?



  1. I love the polishes, esp the essie. I don't carry clutches and don't see myself as a clutch girl. I have a hard enough time remembering my purse, let alone something I might put down and forget to pick back up. Btw, congrats on the job!

  2. Oh, I love small little purses.. A great clutch can be such a statement and the whole accent to the look! I really like the very first pick as I am much addicted to pretty pinks and romantic color hues!
    Thank you so much for your kindness and following, and I am now following you as well! It's very nice to meet you :)
    Good luck!

  3. I just love the look of oversized envelope clutches, I really should get one!


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