Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How 'bout a little beauty?

For those of you who know me personally will know that I used to work for Benefit Cosmetics. I'm currently in the running for a Counter Manager position for Lancome too (so cross your fingers for me!), and along with fashion, I love make-up. I have to hide a lot of it from my husband because he thinks I don't need to wear the stuff (awww!) and it's a waste of money. Well, he's wrong. And now that we finally have an Ulta here, I can indulge in my obsession as often as I want. 

Anyways, I'm trying to branch out with this bloggity-blog and include a wider array of topics, so this is the start! I want to spread the love about Benefit and share some of my all time favorite products of theirs and tell you why you NEED this stuff in your collection.

"hello flawless!"
I've always had a rough time finding a foundation that worked for me and would cover the uneveness of my skin. Since it's so dry, it gets flaky and I get these awesome red patches all over my face. This stuff covers amazingly well and doesn't feel heavy or cake-y on my face. Plus, it comes with two applicators, a sponge for heavier coverage, and a brush for lighter coverage.

high beamhigh beam
This will forever be one of my favorite products of all time. And it lasts forever, which is an added plus! This is a "highlighter" of sorts, but it can be used so many different ways. My favorite way to use it is to put it on my cheeks (you only need three little dabs), and then put blush over it. It gives you such a pearly glow. You can also put a little on your cheekbones (above where you put your blush) as a highlighter. Put a little under your brow bones too! 

BADgal lash mascaraBADgal lash mascara
Hands down, my favorite mascara. It's never clumpy, never flaky, and always leaves your lashes looking super full. They also make it in plum which intensifies your eye color (and seriously, it works!).

Their blushes are AWE.SOME. I really love "10" because it's the perfect bronzer for pale skinned bettes like myself. It has a blush "built in" to it, so once you swish your brush around in it, you get an even amount of color and bronzer. It's genius! The CORALista is beautiful on any skin tone. And it smells pretty too! These are just two of my favorites, but I seriously love all their blushes.

I'm a bit bummed that they've discontinued products that I used to love, but I'm really excited to try some of their new stuff!

So tell me, what's your favorite line and your favorite products?



  1. That's funny I just went on a benefit shopping spree! I bought different products than you mentioned but I actually was looking at a few you talk about so I'll take a look the next time I do some make up shopping.

    Good luck on the lancome position!


    1. Ooooh, what products did you buy?!


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