Monday, February 27, 2012

Doing a little window shopping...

I am totally impatiently waiting for our tax return. Why does it seem that you find a thousand things you need when you have no money to spend, yet when you do have the money, you can't find anything you like? Must be Murphy's Law, huh?

Anywho, I'm waiting for The Voice to come on, and thought I'd check out Tobi's new arrivals and see what they had for 30% off today, and oh boy, I of course found some items that neeeeed to be added to my closet.

Love the high neckline and the lace on this dress. The back ties up too which is so sexy.

(Can you tell I'm on a dress kick?) Love the gray and the salmon (looks more peachy to me) of this dress. I wonder how "structured" it actually is though...

I'm obsessed with tribal prints as of late. I love the black and white print of this one, and the fact that I can add some pops of color to jazz it up a bit. The open back is super chic as well.

I need something a little more neutral, especially in a dress. I usually wear a lot of blacks and browns during the winter and more color during the summer, but I think this dress would be really pretty for a chill day at the farmer's market w/some gladiator sandals. 

This is SO sexy. So, so, so sexy. I'm not quite sure if I have the guts to wear it, but it definitely caught my eye and I think it could be really awesome if done tastefully. 

In God We Trust Sweet Nothings Necklace - Hot Mess in Brass
If anyone knows me, they know that this is my "nickname" of sorts and my favorite phrase to use to describe myself after a few too many Summer Shandys (and if you know what that is, then I love you even more). I just love this, all of it.

That's it for now, off to watch my show and crash. I tried piloxing for the first time tonight and it kicked my bum-but in the absolute best way possible!

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