Sunday, February 5, 2012

I dare you...

So I've been creepin' around on some new sites and have come across some pieces that I absolutely love, but have a feeling they'd look better on someone else rather than myself. I have vowed to myself that come Spring and Summer, I'll take more risks. I think a part of that is my quarter-life crisis, and I want to be a bit edgier, but I could be wrong.

Dare Number One: I'm pretty positive I'm too old for bustiers. I also don't have the flat stomach that's required to wear them, but I'm sure some of my followers do, so here ya go. This is the Trixie Bustier from Necessary Clothing. I, for one, love it. It's sassy, colorful, and just plain cool. I love it with high waisted skirts or shorts, and think it would look really awesome with some high waisted parachute style pants. Pair with sky high heels and you have a rockin' outfit for your next night out. 
Trixie Bustier - Orange

Dare Number Two: Cutouts. There are many extremes to the cutout fad, and you can REALLY big, or stick with only showing off one body part (like your shoulders). I love to pair cutouts with color blocking, I think it adds an extra punch to the outfit. Tobi has a TON of super swell dresses at prices that you can't beat. Plus, right now, they have a whole bunch of their new arrivals 30% off (I'm PRAYING the sale is still running when we get our tax return back so I can buy some of the stuff I've been absolutely drooling over)! They have loads of cutout dresses that I really love, but I went with this one:
The sides are cut out, but the front and the back are still covered. I love the color combo (although I can't really pull off yellow too well), it's called "peacock". That blue/green is absolutely gorg! I like a long necklace with it, and some funky wedges.

Dare Number Three (and four): Neon colors and bodysuits. I thought my days of wearing both of these were long gone, but when done correctly, they're super chic and very modern. This top is very wearable, and can be paired with numerous bottoms. I like some flared black dress pants, but you could do a pencil skirt, high waisted jeans, the possibilities are endless! Keep your accessories simple, but have fun with your shoes! Thanks to Lulu's for carrying this stellar piece!
First Class Vamp Lime Green Bodysuit

Dare Number Five: Prints, prints, prints! I'm not talkin' some subtle little floral pattern on a t-shirt-I am talkin' "IN YO' FACE!" type prints. This Python Print Dress from Lulu's is just that, it's bright, it's colorful, and it has a killer pattern. It took a classic design, and upped the ante. Plus, it also have the cutouts and the neon colors, so you're being SUPER daring! 
Neon Flux Python Print Cutout Dress

So there are my dares for the week, are you willing to try anything you see here? Maybe not this minute, but maybe this upcoming season? Springtime is for new beginnings, so why not? And if you aren't totally cray-crazy about what I've posted, what would you be willing to try? Hit me up and let me know! Until then, happy shopping my lusties!

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