Monday, February 20, 2012

just some recent obsessions...

Long Pleated Chiffon Skirt in Mint
Isn't that color just the bee's knees?! It's so pretty and soft and reminds me of Easter eggs...
think I may have found my outfit for church this year. And YES, we are going.

So girly, right?! Paired with those little khaki shorts, it makes the look 
even more adorable! Not quite sure what's up with the clunky Pee-Wee Herman
"Tequila" shoes, but whatevs.

I am LOVING this color combo. The orange and navy is so pretty!
This top is the perfect mix of casual and dressy and could TOTES go from 
work to happy hour. Throw a blazer over it for work, and add a sparkly clutch for drinks!

Embellished Vest in Black
Ohmygosh...this is so BA!
I love the embellishments, and would love to make this a little more girly
with a soft dress and heels.
So. Pretty.

Tobi has their new arrivals 30% seriously cannot beat that.
Check out their site today!

Happy [online] shopping!



  1. Awesome picks, Care! I especially love that chiffon pleated skirt! That color is pretty much to die for!

  2. I'm really loving the peaches and mint greens I've been seeing lately. I think I'm too pale to pull of peach, but it looks amazing on the model and the ruffles are so pretty (and you know how much I <3 my ruffles!).

  3. loving it all!! i love that mint skirt and the hang low top!

  4. Is that hang low top PUUUURRRFECT?! I really love the navy/orange combo and that's mostly what caught my attention, but I think it's just the perfect cut and style for every look. I think cuffed jeans, killer heels, and a big ol' cuff would be super cute too.

  5. Love the it spring yet!?? It's killing me. I bought a sea-foam green sweater (same as that first skirt) and I wear it all the time but it will be so much better in spring

    1. I'm waiting just as impatiently! I was so jealous when you posted the forecast in D.C. the other day. It's been in the 40's here, which I'll take over 5 degrees, but I'm still itchin' for Spring. It doesn't help that all the stores have started carrying all their Spring stuff-we just need the weather to catch up now!


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