Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I'm obsessed.

Hats are all I think of. I see them everywhere and am dying for an excuse to wear one.

But since it's a stifling 27 degrees here, I'll have to wait. 

I won't even go into how much of a hot mess LiLo looks in that last pic...


I am super self-conscious in hats, I feel like I look super-douchey, but this season, since I'm vowing to step outside my "fashion box", I'm going to rock one during our Spring Break vacation in Charleston. If people want to point at me and laugh about how ridic I look, that's cool. 

I found some really adorable ones at Target, and I think I'm going to go back and scoop one (or two) up, before ordering more online, so I know what I look like in them. The biggest piece of advice I got from a good friend-DON'T PACK IT! She said she has crushed too many hats that way and has finally learned her lesson. So, point taken, it'll be worn to the airport, or packed very carefully in my carry-on. :)

So let's get to the point here, there are a whole bunch of different styles of hats available to you. It all depends on the "vibe" you're going for, and what sort of outfit you plan on wearing with it. 

1. The ever-famous fedora: 
They come in wide array of fabrics and designs, but since Spring is rapidly approaching, I like the straw versions the best. They're lighter and breezier, perfect for warmer temps! I like how each hat's look can be changed, simply by the sash that's around it. The leather strap adds a more hipster vibe, the zebra print is edgy, and the flower is super girly. I like these with a tank top and maxi skirt. 

2. Floppy hats:

I love these. They're so free-spirited and remind me of Summer. They're a great way to keep your scalp safe from those UV rays, while still looking chic. Again, each hat has a different feel to it, the stripes are a little more preppy, the woven scarf one is a little more sophisticated, and the buckled one is totally hippie. I think these are best paired with your swimsuit (obv), or a flowy shirt and jeans. Add some chunky platforms too.

3. The cloche

How fabulous is this hat? It's so awesomely vintage, and I love it for that. This hat was made popular in the 1920's, but has recently become hip again-no wonder why! This one may take a little more courage to pull off, but I think it's totally doable. Pair this with a girly dress for those afternoon Summertime parties.

3. Wide Brimmed hats:

These aren't quite fedoras, and they aren't exactly floppy hats, but they're still super cute. The first one looks a bit like a trillby hat, but don't quote me on that (and does it really even matter?). The style of the hat all depends on what I'd pair it with. That first one would be cute with a button-up and cut off jean shorts. Maybe some old school Ray-Ban-esque aviators too. The second one is a little more "70's", so I'd go with a fitted tee and flared trouser pants. Oversized shades are a must as well. ;)

You can find all the hats right here, Forever 21 has a whole bunch of different styles! And remember, no matter what you wear, make it your own. There are a ton of different styles of hats out there to try. Maybe be like me and take a risk this season, you never know what you might fall in love with!

Happy shopping!

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